Car Modifications


For a very long time, the use of cars and other automobiles has been witnessed across the world. Different models and types of vehicles have been brought in the market. Some have been appreciated and used by many people, while others lost credibility. It called for car manufacturers and assembly industries to develop effective modifications to fit the demands and needs of their customers. Over time different car modifications have been witnessed within the industries and the market including alloy wheels refurbishment. Oxygen sensors are among the crucial car modifications that the industry has seen. It is because of the relevance and importance of a functional oxygen sensor in the car.

The Relevance of Oxygen Sensors 

Towards the late 90s, oxygen sensors in cars became mandatory. As an effective modification, it not only intends to avoid the car owner getting in trouble with the authorities but also helps in maintaining the proper functioning of the vehicle. Oxygen sensors are mounted in the exhaust manifolds of the car. 

What is the importance of oxygen sensors in your car?

• Monitor the combustion process of the fuel. It results in the unburned oxygen in the pipes as the exhaust exits the engine of the car. • Oxygen sensors help gauge fuel mixture. With an oxygen sensor, it is possible to tell the computer if the fuel combustion is rich in oxygen or less in the long run. 

• Monitor the operational efficiency of the catalytic converter in the car. 

• Reduce the maintenance cost, especially when it involves the replacement of alloy wheels.

How to Achieve Effective alloy wheel refurbishment

For the practical functionality of any automobile, having the right wheels is necessary. It is easier to utilize your car to maximize functionality and achieve its purpose. However, like any other machine that people use, with time, the wheels start to undergo wear and tear. It can be stressful for car owners to buy new wheels or find an adequate replacement. Alloy wheel refurbishment services are paramount and the ultimate solution in such a case. Alloy wheel refurbishment intends to achieve high and quality finishing. 

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The renovation is aimed at:

• Curbing marks and scratches on the alloy wheel.

• Customizing the alloy wheel with the colour of your choice

• Application of sealants which in most cases provides extra protection

• Removal of oxidized coatings, rusts or corroded patches on the alloy wheels

The most effective alloy wheel refurbishment process involves the use of powder coating. It is the most preferred refurbishment process as it gives high and quality finishes. The finishes are also durable hence curbing maintenance costs.

The powder-coated refurbishment process involves the powder paint being melted on the alloy. It is then followed by a fusion baked in the oven or extreme heat to create stronger bonds. You can customize the alloy wheel with the colour of your choice.

Alloy wheels aren't only meant to improve looks. They also help to improve the vehicle's performance. Alloy wheels are lighter than steel, a characteristic that comes with many advantages; talk of fuel economy, braking, and accelerating.


Vehicle customization comes in different forms, depending on your needs. Besides alloy wheels, you can also consider headlights, window tints, and engine replacements.